What is a Connections Meeting?

Connections Meetings are an opportunity for parents and caregivers to meet and talk about the needs of a foster child.  The goal of these meetings is to ease the transition and reduce the trauma experienced by a child placed in out of home care, as well as build ongoing relationships.  These meetings will last about 45 minutes and will be facilitated by a team consisting of a Parent Ally and a Caregiver Mentor.

What will we
Talk About

We can talk about:

  • Child's Routine

  • Child's Likes & Dislikes

  • Family Traditions & Cultures

  • Communication

What will not be

We won't talk about:

  • Case Plan

  • Visitation

  • Personal information you are not comfortable sharing

Who will be

These people

will be there:

  • Child's Parent(s)

  • Caregiver(s)

  • Parent Ally

  • Caregiver Mentor