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What is a Connections Conversation?

Connections Conversations are an opportunity for parents whose children are placed in out of home care and caregivers to meet with the support of peer mentors and talk about the needs of the child.  The goal of these meetings is to ease the transition and reduce the trauma experienced by the child, as well as build ongoing child-centered partnerships.  

What will we
Talk About

We can talk about:

  • Child's Routine

  • Child's Likes & Dislikes

  • Family Traditions & Cultures

  • Communication

What will not be

We won't talk about:

  • Case Plan

  • Visitation

  • Personal information you are not comfortable sharing

Who will be

These people

will be there:

  • Child's Parent(s)

  • Caregiver(s)

  • Parent Ally

  • Caregiver Mentor

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