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I'm an attorney, social worker, child advocate, etc.  May I attend the FCP conversation?

In order to foster a relaxed, friendly environment for the conversation between parents and caregivers, attendance is limited to participants and their FCP mentors.

Who may initiate a

Anyone involved in a child welfare case is welcome to refer a parent or caregiver who they feel would benefit from the FCP.  We will then reach out to the individual to invite them to partipate in the program.

I'm a parent or a caregiver of a child placed in foster care.  How can I participate in the program?

Please send us an email at to get started.

May children and youth participate in the FCP?

While it is important for children to see their parents and caregivers working together, FCP conversations include only the adults.  However participants are encouraged to engage with one another in front of the child, such as a bedtime Zoom story or a park meetup.

When, in the life of a case, may a referral be made?

We welcome referrals at any point in a case.  We find building partnerships between parents and caregivers to be beneficial at any time, but is particularly needed any time a transition is planned for a child.

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